The New Sun, Agnieszka Polska

The New Sun, 2017
Digital video (color, sound); 12:19 min.
Vocal track: Aaron Ronelle Harrell
Courtesy of the artist and Overduin & Co., Los Angeles

This video is part of an animated diptych centered on the figure of a childlike sun who is a helpless witness to ethical and environmental collapse on Earth. The two-part installation was inspired by the poem Co słonko widziało (What the sun has seen) by the Polish writer Maria Konopnicka (1842– 1910), a children’s story that depicts the harmonious daily routines of modest rural life as if seen from above by the sun. In The New Sun, the sun character delivers a moody, half-sung monologue addressed to its beloved (effectively the viewer), presenting a vision of a collapsing world in which the only immutable elements are words and language.

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