Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman shares her family photos and personal film footage as she delves into her experience over the past twelve years of homeschooling and choosing schooling for her daughter. While telling her own story, she shares the findings from her research study, “Dual enrolled African American Students’ Perceptions of Preparedness for Community College”. Read the study at

The real names and personal identity of the study participants are not shared in this film. Stock photos found at were used when discussing the study participants and sharing findings from the study.

The music in the film is from Khadijah Moon’s 2016 CD titled, SONG OF A SPACE CADET. You learn more and download the music at You support the young lady in the film, Khari, each time you purchase a product created by her parents:

Liberated Muse:
Khadijah Moon:
Chez Soleil Music:
Mariah’s Maracas:

In the video, Dr. Ali-Coleman is featured sharing research or interviewing her daughter in excerpts from conferences and previous events. You can watch the full videos at the links below:

Dr. Ali-Coleman interviewing her daughter during the Summer 2020 Black Family Homeschool and Educators’ (BFHES) Inaugural Virtual Teach-In:

Dr. Ali-Coleman presents “The Many Faces of Black Homeschooling” in the BFHES Inaugural Virtual Teach-In:

Dr. Ali-Coleman presents “Homeschooling a High School Student Who is Dual-Enrolled”:

Visit her blog at

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