The Seattle Film Commission is Coming!


Formed in January 2020, the Film Task Force has met monthly for the past year to advise the Office of Film + Music in its advocacy for, and policies related to, the City of Seattle’s support and growth of the local film industry and community.  

A primary goal of the Film Task Force is to lay the groundwork for the establishment of an official city Film Commission.  We’re excited to announce that the formation of the Film Commission is on the horizon!  

The Film Commission, like the Film Task Force, will be comprised of people that represent the diverse film industry. This includes  film crews, businesses, actors, educators, associations, festivals, and labor organization representatives. Seating of the commission will be done with a focus on equity, inclusivity, support and prioritization of BIPOC businesses and communities. Our goal is to seat the new commission this spring.   

The  Office of Film + Music will share more information  regarding the Mayoral, City Council, and Public Nomination process for the seating of the Film Commission over the next several months. Those who are interested in the commission should be prepared to submit updated resumes and bios as part of the future application process.  To remain updated on information, future announcements, and public meetings regarding this process, please subscribe to the OFM newsletter, and follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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