The Whiteness of Wealth: How the Tax System Impoverishes Black Americans – and How We can Fix It

This is a recording of a webinar hosted by the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program in conversation with Dorothy A. Brown on Wednesday, March 24 at 12PM Eastern.

As part of a new portfolio of work on the future of wealth and ownership in America, the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program invites you to join us for a special conversation with author and law professor Dorothy A. Brown to celebrate the launch of her new book. THE WHITENESS OF WEALTH: How the Tax System Impoverishes Black Americans–and How We Can Fix It is available on March 23.

As leaders across the public and private sectors make bold new commitments to addressing racial inequity, they must grapple in earnest with the issues that are at the heart of the racial wealth gap. The U.S. tax code is one of those issues, and in her new book Ms. Brown tells the story of how tax policy perpetuates disparities in access to every asset that makes up a household’s balance sheet – from education to homeownership to retirement savings and beyond. This need not be the case, and the discussion will tee up a range of ways that tax policy, which has historically been a driver of wealth inequality, can instead be a remedy.

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