TK Kirkland on Marxist BLM Co-Founder Buying $3.2M in Real Estate (Part 3)

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In this clip, TK Kirkland shares his thoughts on the backlash Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors is facing after it was revealed that she bought millions of dollars in properties. Vlad explained that Patrisse has other ventures outside of BLM, and TK stated that a lot of white companies are doing the same thing as Patrisse and not getting called out. After ultimately saying that he’s unsure where he stands on the situation, TK brought up a previous statement he made about the attorneys that handle the estates of celebrities are making generational wealth. TK pointed to Michael Jackson’s estate, and Vlad brought up 2Pac and Eazy-E’s estate. When it comes to Eazy, TK called the situation “sad,” as the late rapper signed everything over to his wife, and not all of his kids are being paid.

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