Top 10 Richest Movie Producers

Top 10 Richest Movie Producers | Rich People
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In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Who is Kathleen Kennedy?
How rich is Kathleen Kennedy?
Who is Brian Grazer?
How rich is Brian Grazer
Who is Joel Silver ?
How rich is Joel Silver ?
Who is Ridley Scott?
How rich is Ridley Scott?
Who is Michael Bay?
How rich is Michael Bay?
Who is Peter Jackson?
How rich is Peter Jackson?
Who is  James Cameron?
How rich is  James Cameron?
Who is Jerry Bruckheimer?
How rich is Jerry Bruckheimer?
Who is Steven Spielberg?
How rich is Steven Spielberg?
Who is George Lucas?
How rich is George Lucas?
Who is the richest movie producer?
Are film producers Rich?
Who is the best movie producer of all time?
Who is the wealthiest producer in Hollywood?
Who makes more money producer or director?
Is the producer above the director?
Do directors earn more than actors?
What is the highest paying job in film industry?
Who is the most powerful producer in Hollywood?
How do movie producers get paid?
Who is the best producer in Hollywood?

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