University of Washington Campus Fall 2020 Walkthrough (4K) | Walking Tour Seattle

This is a narrated walking tour of the University of Washington in late November of fall 2020. This video is in 4K! Also, quick announcement – all (well, most) future videos will be in 4K! Wish my computer best of luck, as this will be very demanding of processing power for my computer LOL. 😭😂

The walk begins at “The Ave” (University Way) and passess the School of Social Work and Schmitz Hall before taking the pedestrian overpass, crossing 15th Ave and ultimately landing at the Henry Art Gallery across the street and on main campus. I then check out By George Cafe before crossing Red Square, the main commons area of UW campus. Here, I point out Kane Hall, Suzallo Library and the Quad and then make my way down to Drumfeller Fountain.

After checking out Mt. Rainier in the distance, behind Drumheller Fountain, I make my way to the HUB (Husky Union Building). I point out a couple of entrances and then walk north, passing Hall Health, Padelford Building and the dorms. At the dorms, I take a left and walk through the quad, pointing out where the magnolias are and then walk up to the moss covered trees. It is here where people gather to take photos of the cherry blossoms each spring; this is a big tourist destination during that time.

From the Quad I head north to Denny Hall, remarking on how beautiful the building is before crossing the tree lined street that leads to the north (main) entrance to UW campus. I walk along this street to Burke Museum which has undergone recent major renovations. I then cross 15th Ave and sign off across the street from the University Book Store on The Ave.

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