What Partners Can Do To Support A Man With Prostate Cancer

Our interviews feature lead experts/researchers immersed in various areas within men’s health where guests share their knowledge and expertise.

Join us with our guest, Dr. Wellam Yu Ko to discuss dimensions around men returning to work after prostatectomy such as strategies and challenges for men returning to work after treatment, what health care providers/partner should know about men returning to work and more!

About Dr. Wellam Yu Ko
“Dr. Wellam Yu Ko is a Registered Nurse committed to raising awareness about male-specific health issues in the community and is involved in the Richmond Chinese Prostate Cancer Networking Group’s activities to disseminate evidence-based knowledge and support men with prostate cancer. Upon completing his PhD in 2018, Dr. Yu Ko’s research used the masculinities framework to examine the connections between work, prostate cancer and radical prostatectomy. More info: http://menshealthresearch.ubc.ca/wellam-yu-ko

About Men’s Health Research
Men’s Health Research (MHR) is based at the University of British Columbia under the School of Nursing. MHR explores gendered dimensions of men’s health practices and illness management, to better understand the complex interplay of masculinities and other social determinants of health. MHR offers a suite of gender-sensitized community and interventions addressing men’s depression and suicide, tobacco reduction and smoking cessation in fathers and men, and psychosocial prostate cancer care.

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