What the Sun Has Seen, Agnieszka Polska

What the Sun Has Seen, 2017
Digital video (color, sound); 7:16 min.
Vocal track: Aaron Ronelle Harrell
Courtesy of the artist and Overduin & Co., Los Angeles

This video is part of an animated diptych centered on the figure of a childlike sun who is a helpless witness to ethical and environmental collapse on Earth. The two-part installation was inspired by the poem Co słonko widziało (What the sun has seen) by the Polish writer Maria Konopnicka (1842– 1910), a children’s story that depicts the harmonious daily routines of modest rural life as if seen from above by the sun. In What the Sun Has Seen, the sun addresses a listener reminiscent of the solitary figure pictured in Caspar David Friedrich’s iconic work of German Romanticism Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (1818), but in contrast to the sprawling natural landscape of Friedrich’s composition, here the sun observes the vast quantity of “information waste,” or unnecessary and useless data, that clutters the internet and our minds.

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