Why RUSSELL SIMMONS doesnt agree with “ART” politics, auctions, business #sothebys

How Dawud knuckles interviewed RUSSELL SIMMONS and why he doesnt agree with “ART” politics, auctions, business

“Art On Dekz” is a movement. We work closely with galleries in marketing creative ways to brand artists and their work. Art On Dekz not only works with galleries but has personal relationships with actual artists. We explore the art scene for the new and hottest talent of today.  We take pride in working along with schools and giving new talent opportunity, at the same time keeping our pulse on emerging artists.

Check out this one of a kind book and find out what Russell Simmons has to say about each artists, visual and recording! See what visual artist Shepard Fairey has in common with Young Jeezy or Jay Z! See how we compare each album to its contemporaries and place them in their aesthetic order! If you ever wondered why or how Hip-hop is such a global phenomenon read these great essays written by top scholars like Imani Perry from Princeton university! For any music, visual art, or great literature enthusiast this book is for you!

‘The Art Album’ is an illustrated book celebrating the long-standing relationship between the visual arts and hip-hop music, and is the result of a collaboration between two giants of the American music scene.

1⃣. e-BOOK ➡ https://amzn.to/2OBIUa6
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3⃣. HARD COVER ➡ https://amzn.to/2OFuG8s

Hey, we would love for you to join the conversation and be apart of this movement. If your an artist, enthusiast, or just casual fan of any type of creative culture, hit us up with any questions or comments.

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